An AVEDA Salon

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Shannon Paul

Shannon Paul, the founder of Pomme, came from a family of hairdressers. During high school, he worked in his family’s salon as a shampoo boy, nonetheless. After graduating high school he decided to become a Navy Seal. He enlisted in the Navy and spent a short 2-years learning the value of hard work and sleepless nights. After he failed his test to become a Navy Seal (by only 4-push-ups) he decided not to re-enlist and to become a hairdresser, of course!

Shannon spent the next 7-years learning from the best of the best in the beauty industry. His mentors were Dimitrious and Don Shaw whom helped him on his way to become the talented and amazing artist that he is. He opened his first salon in 2000 named Shannon Paul. After 8-years of operating as Shannon Paul he founded Pomme Salon & Shoppe. Pomme is the french word for apple and the plural form of apples, used interchangeably.

Shannon places the highest value on education. Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchell, Scott Cole, Nick Arrojo are just a few of his educational ventures.

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